Convenient Trap of Online Shopping

Having a Sunday off, I decide to stay home and skip the massive lines in groceries and department stores by doing my shopping online. After all, the digital technology brings the convenience of modern world to my doors and why not use the easy way around?

Enthusiastically, I open my laptop and take out my dear credit card. I surf around the web, and suddenly I find myself on Judaica World – a great place to find Jewish books, gifts and other religious articles that are overpriced in Australia. At least, that’s my excuse. . .

$ 423 in total + $ 67 in shipment rates. Yikes, it’s not cheap to ship to Australia. Still, I definitely need what I’ve just ordered and I’ll wait passionately for my parcel to arrive.

Next, I get my hands on famous Russian online shop OZON that features Russian magazines, books, souvenirs, accessories, postcards and other useful things I miss a lot in Melbourne.  My nostalgia kicks in and adds more and more items into my digital shopping cart: funky statuettes, a few books, tons of funny T-shirts that are on sale (gift purpose only!) Urgh. . . $ 200 in total + $ 61 shipment fee. Two questions enter my mind: Do I really need all that stuff, just because I am a Russian immigrant? And: Why on earth did I move so far, if I terribly need a tea-towel with a Russian logo on it?

Fine. I am not gonna overspend one more dollar on unnecessary stuff. I am just gonna buy a few IMPORTANT things on eBay. After all, everyone knows that it’s definitely cheaper to get things there, comparing to major department stores. I click on eBay and a huge advertising pop-up magically jumps into my face, announcing a great sale on organising equipment.

That must be destiny. I’ve been disorganised for past 20+ years, and it’s time to change. First of all, I must find a new shoe-rack to organise my shoes, a couple of picture frames to finally hang up the wedding pictures on my dull, lonely walls (four years down the marriage track, but it’s better late than never) and an absolute must – a pack of files to arrange our documents and organise the study. Yes, I am determined to start a new life, full of structure, order and good routine habits. I add a few more things to my cart, like these awesome vacuum storage bags to put away unnecessary kids’ toys and clothes . . . and end up spending $ 120 dollars in total + $ 45  in shipment fees. Well, it’s not that bad. At least I got things the that we all need . . . right, guys?

Oh, no! I completely forgot that I went on eBay to buy an ironing board in the first place.  Should I go back? Next time. I know when to stop, because I am not interested in overspending. (And, to be perfectly honest, I hate ironing: it’s not trendy at all. I mean, if it was i-roning, everyone would love doing it, because it would be just as exciting as i-phoning and i-padding)

Just kidding. The truth is that I know the value of money. I even make an effort to go to this great online magazine store to subscribe for Money Magazine, which should empower me with incredible money-saving tips (at least, according to their online ad).

I am not sure why, but it seems that my desire to save online does not quite fulfill. And I am not even halfway done with my shopping list. Somehow, it’s just too easy to enter my credit card info online without the pain of handing over cash, I worked hard for. Is it another marketing trap I constantly fall into?

Enough. I am not gonna shop online ever again. I’ll be wiser: I’ll go to Costco and ALDI in real life. I’ll buy in bulk and save. Will I? )))

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5 thoughts on “Convenient Trap of Online Shopping

  1. On eBay, most of my friends buy things from overseas like CDs, toys, and knick knacks. But it’s amazing what you can get cheap from locals: prams, beds, washing machines, cabinets, clothes…

    • Hi David, thanks for your comment. I personally think that eBay is one of the greatest online services that the mankind has invented so far. I got a lot of my household items on eBay, it’s just hard to check the quality before an item arrives.

      • It’s hard to know when you’re bidding, as most people putting up a household item have only sold one or two things. But most household items I’ve bought require pick-up, so I get to check then.

        I did have the one case of a washing machine which didn’t work once I got it home. The seller kindly came over a few days later and gave the machine a kick — it still didn’t work, so he refunded my money, and I left the machine out for hard rubbish. A bit of a run-around, but most of my experiences have been very positive (and cheap!).

  2. Natasha

    Good article, i admire your writing style.
    The only thing i hate about online shopping is the shipment fees, i usually start ordering spend all this time browsing and comparing, and then just end up getting in a car and driving to the shops. Good point about overseas stores and products, Melbourne doesn’t have everything, but it will one day 🙂

  3. vadim

    Its fantastic with good sence of humar .Aboldenno!!!!!!!!!!!!

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