The Tweet-light Zone

A few weeks ago I’ve spent my Sunday contemplating about the ‘facebook effect’ on our daily lives, naively considering, that social media addiction is spread widely only among simple humans, like me and you.

I was very wrong.  Сelebraties and politicians aren’t any different.  They just prefer twitter.

You’ve all heard the tabloid news about Paris Hilton being arrested for the possession of illegal drugs. Not that I know what it’s like to be Paris (except for numerous accusations for being blond) or anyone having drugs in their handbags (all I keep in mine is spare nappies, wipes, bibs, rubber duckies, dummies, snacks and lengthy books in Russian), but I still find Hilton’s reaction hilarious: the next day after being arrested, Paris tweets about the incident as if nothing serious happened.

I might be judgmental. It’s not right to criticise people who go online to share their good or bad news with the entire humanity. It’s just another variation of ‘facebook effect’ I suffer from. Let’s call it ‘the twitter syndrome.’

A few days ago, I found a spectacular article about the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the members of the Russian government showing major symptoms of ‘the twitter syndrome.’ The presidential committee of the biggest country in the world had an official conference about modernisation and technological development in Russia. The funny thing was that quite a few governors were busy exploring twitter during the meeting themselves.

Don’t get me wrong: I understand that it’s probably Ok to tweet at a conference about modernisation; in a way it illustrates the impact of digital technology on everyday life, but the story gets even better. In the middle of the conference, the President of Russia, made a note that he does not like when governors use social media during official meetings. Just wondering, how did he find out the truth? Did he, God forbid, enter his own twitter account during the discussion? I hope not…

From now on, I won’t feel embarrassed about killing my time on social networks. Even more so, I’ll be proud of it. Seriously, am I any worse than most famous people on the planet? Who knows, maybe one day I’ll bond with celebrities and politicians by using twitter. . .

We’ll tweet day and night about current political affairs and music festivals. We’ll exchange ideas for supper and we’ll definitely play Farmville. After all, what else have we got to do with our ridiculously boring lives ? )))

The only alternative I can think of is to watch this educational video about ‘the twitter syndrome’.  Please do.

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3 thoughts on “The Tweet-light Zone

  1. Jon

    Great story!

    I tried getting into twitter because, at the time, it was the only social network that wasn’t banned at school… to this day, I’ve only logged in once…

    Keep up the great work!

  2. vadim

    Its a fabulace note ,and i really wish you by twitter effect to rich top of your currer.

  3. I suppose the illusion of friends is at least a bit better than not having any real friends. Some alienated and depressed people may find comfort in Twitter and this keeps them from going off the deep end. I wonder if anyone ever Twittered while dying. I love black humour. LOL!

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