To blog or not to blog? That’s not a question!

Have you ever thought about why so many people write blogs?

I mean, most of them don’t even get paid for this labourious ongoing activity. Nevertheless, since LiveJournal was launched back in 1999, the blogosphere has been growing each day.  So, are bloggers just out of their mind to spend time writing about anything from latest politics news to insignificant incidents that took place in their backyard five minutes ago?

If you asked me about it a couple of years ago, I would probably say ‘yes’. However, getting more and more addicted to blogging myself (boy, the list of my addictions is scary: chocolate, facebook, blogging… What’s next? Vacuum-cleaning? I hope not), I gotta come up with valid excuses to  justify blogging in the eyes of  agnostic individuals who haven’t yet tried writing for the wide online community.

Don’t stress, guys:  my research analysis is going to stay concise and informal. It’s a blog and not another university essay.

So, what do you think: to blog or not to blog?

That’s not a question for me, as you can see from this blog 🙂 I can’t say that I am particularly free to kill time blogging.

Please consider that I am a mother of two active toddlers, a wife, a full-time graduate student, a journalist, a radio broadcaster, a fiction writer, a small business developer and a new immigrant in Australia,who struggles desperately to fit into the norms of the local society and finally belong in the wizardry of OZ. And guess what? I still blog.

Yes, I did start to blog as a part of my university course, initially thinking that it was going to be problematic to come up with a new post every week. But as time went by, I’ve developed a taste for blogging which changed my life’s experiences.  I’ve learnt to season my biography with the blogging attitude: No matter what I see or hear, it gets reflected in my posts, earlier or later.

But isn’t it enough to share the inspirational/funny/boring  episodes with your relatives and friends over the dinner? Why uploading this stuff online?

These are the reasons I came up with; feel free to comment and add more. I am sure you’ve got your own causes to stay up late, passionately pressing those buttons and frequently checking your blog stats as soon as the post gets published.

1. I blog and therefore I am.

In my humble (or not so humble) opinion, blogging indicates that a person is alive. He or she is interested in what’s going on around, willing to share his or her thoughts about the matter and get feedback.  Blogging is a great way to get out of apathy and the trendy state of depression. So if you haven’t done so yet, start a free blog account and let the world know about that hilarious conversation you overheard on the bus on the way to school that morning! (Bloggers, raise your laptop if you are interested )

2. Blogging therapy

Since I’ve mentioned depression, it’s worthy to point out that blogging has a positive therapeutic effect, as it’s a great way to let your worries leave your mind and rest peacefully on the computer screen.  Once published, you may see the issue that bothers outside the box, managing people’s comments and considering possible solutions, like the proverbs say ‘two heads are better than one’ and ‘problem shared – problem halved.’

3. Blogs for cash

This type of blogging is still mysterious for me, but some bloggers like David Risley are really successful about selling their thoughts for cash. Ads, popular themes, unique writing style,  a bit of luck and you won’t need that boring job any longer. Just sit and blog for cash )) I am for it. PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON BLOGS! ))

4. Google magic or ‘let me see my name in print!’

Let’s be honest: we all LOVE seeing our name in print. I guess, there is some serious magic (I haven’t heard you saying ‘narcissism’) about it. And what’s the best way to avoid the publishing industry bureaucracy and get famous through Google and other search engines at low cost? You’ve got it )

5. It’s all about your unique experience the world is willing to know!

Bloggers always have something to say about anything and anywhere. So do you. The more your write, the more confident you’ll get about the quality of writing. Your self-esteem is going to improve as well. After all, you are unique and the world can’t wait to know about the amazing adventures you go through on the regular basis. Go for it.

Blogging is handy.

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10 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog? That’s not a question!

  1. I blog for a few reasons:
    1) I like writing
    2) I am opinionated about most things, and most people I live with or know do not want to hear my constant opinionization (is that a word?) so I blog it instead.
    3) I over analyse things so it good to get it down onto the screen
    4) Yes, I must admit, I love seeing my name in print, I know, its shameful, isn’t it?
    5)I love a real good debate!

  2. Wei

    i heard several students said they started to blog after taking the subject last year. but probably i’m exception – i stopped blogging after the subject. actually i have been blogging since blog became popular many years ago. blogging used to be something i did totally for fun. but when i realised it can be something serious, i can’t seem to enjoy doing it anymore – i know, such a childish attitude.

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  6. great article mate but how to get your rss feed? How about sending us an e-mail with instructions pls? Thanks

    • Hi Sophia,

      Thanks for your interest in my work. If you would like to subscribe to my blog, please click on Subscribe button (It’s located on the top of the blog homepage) Looking forward for your feedback!

  7. I dugg some of you post as I thought they were invaluable very helpful

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