Discovering iPhone 4

Stereotypes rock.

One of them states that creative people should never appear mainstream in any sense. They are expected to wear weird clothes, read abstruse books, say odd things and, at most times, be abstract-minded wackos, living in the world of their own creativity, whatever that may be.

Having considered myself creative for most of my life, this ridiculous stereotype still has some truth to it (don’t tell anyone, though!) From a very young age I tried to do things my way, ignoring the fashion around me.

In grade 7 my peers were obsessed with Harry Potter’s wonderland, while I didn’t touch the book on purpose thinking that it can’t be that good, if masses enjoy it to such a great extent. My classmates played Quidditch using the janitor’s brooms; I was too busy reading the classics of Russian literature such as Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita.

Bear in mind that two years later I fell in love with J.K. Rowling’s books and has been on the hook since then (I even printed out one of the books on my home printer and read it the day after I gave birth!) But back in school I couldn’t let myself go with the crowd – as simple as that.

The same thing happened when Steve Jobs had introduced the revolutionary iPhone to the entire planet on 9 January 2007. The world was thrilled, shocked, inspired and overwhelmed. My friends went crazy waiting in lines to receive their amazing, overpriced phone. Living in NY at that time, I had received numerous phone calls from my acquaintances in Russia, who begged me to bring them an iPhone the next time I travel to Moscow.

I went cold turkey and didn’t сare less about the new digital toy. I had a mobile phone already and a digital camera, a laptop and even a vacuum-cleaner. What else did I need to stay tuned? Back then I was in my first year of marriage and was expecting a baby – that felt like a real miracle; forget the invention of another advertised phone.

Guess what? Three years later I got interested. One lovely day in August 2010, my dear son gave my old mobile phone a bath (with his best intentions, of course) and my phone had collapsed at once.

I was facing a question: what kind of mobile phone to choose next? Most of my friends had an iPhone and could not stop talking about its advantages over all other smartphones available on the market. It seemed like this phone could do miracles, not just phone calling, but downloading emails, delivering daily news and sending me reminders about the upcoming appointments . . .

Would it cook low-fat dinners and clean up the house? I did not know for sure, but I was more than intrigued. So, I signed up the contract with the Optus smiley representative, who told me that my phone (sorry, my iPhone 4) would arrive in 6 weeks the latest. That was a bit inconvenient, because I had to pay for my plan as if the phone had already arrived.

In the beginning of the waiting period I stayed calm, thinking that it wasn’t going to take that long. At the end of week 6 I gave Optus a polite call to find out where my phone was, but the representative wasn’t that well-behaved this time around. Apparently, the company has been lately receiving lots of angry calls from their customers who had been undergoing a serious depression, caused by their favourite toy’s delivery delay.

Two more weeks passed. Then one more. Then another one. I got used to calling Optus on a daily basis and yelling at the staff about the consumers’ rights, but the trick didn’t work.

Anyone nostalgic about the Soviet lines?I was getting desperate. It felt like I was back in Soviet Russia, where people needed the right connections to purchase life’s essentials such as a simple furniture sets, fridges, cars . . . You name it. I never thought that here in Australia, I would ever need to go through this humiliating experience again. Never say never.

Finally, the iPhone 4 had arrived at my door last Tuesday. I started playing with the phone as if I was a three-year-old, discovering a new toy.  On the way to Uni I’ve explored the phone’s (sorry, the iPhone’s) various features and downloaded apps, sent emails to myself and played ridiculous, but addictive games. It was awesome!

Now I am a proud addict of iPhone 4. I ignore my old laptop, I don’t read printed books.

What do I do all day? I download apps like crazy! I cook using BigOven app’s recipes; I read Russian magazines and books on the iPhone; I plan my trips using Metlink app; I type my shopping lists on iPhone, take pictures of my kids nonstop, update facebook statuses, listen to music and watch YouTube videos on the train and – how do you like that one – I also pray using the digital prayer book I’ve downloaded from the app store!

Now is the time to try blogging from my iPhone as well.

I know, most of you have been taking advantage of Apple technology for quite a few years, but it’s all new for me.

Wish me luck  as I am off on the adventurous journey throughout the iPhoneLand.

P.S. Don’t even tell me about the advantages of iPads over the iPhones. I am not ready for another source of addiction. We’ll get back to this topic in about two years time. 😉

Cheers, guys!

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2 thoughts on “Discovering iPhone 4

  1. vadim

    Hi, Linok ! Its a good job .We know whats the difference between child and adalt-its different toys.Your story confirm this rull.I wish you luck and go ahead .When you will buy other toy like a good cur you will have a lot of positive emotions.Its ok.Life is a very good thing , particularly when you can analyze and fill sharply all around.

  2. I went through a similar crisis with iPhones not long ago in my blog. I think it’s fine to resist technology in order to maintain a sense of autonomy, yet eventually you have to be realistic: if you’re going to live in the modern world what are you prepared to go without?

    And about the creativity thing, although I think creative people are abstract thinkers, I think for the most part they are also individuals. Although the ‘scene’ likes to portray a certain look, they come in all shapes and sizes, from the trendy to the most unkempt.

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