Procrastination confessed

When visitors come to my house, they always ask me about the missing plasma. Indeed, how can one live in a civilised society without a TV-set these days ? My guests wonder, what do I do with myself at nights, when kids are in bed, dishes are, hopefully, done and tranquility finally enters my living room, after a long day of worries and hurries.

My visitors set their eyes on my humongous burgundy-red bookshelves, packed with literature masterpieces from all over the world. They think that I spend my nights reading classics. After all, I am a journalist and a writer. Sounds reasonable to me. Their assumptions make me proud. I wish I was that refined to spend my nights accompanied by high quality books I really love.

Ladies and Gentlemen! I am proud to announce I don’t have a plasma, because I don’t want to be addicted to Masterchef and never-ending series. And I don’t watch TV at night, because it is … disrespectful to Facebook. And YouTube. And Wikipedia.

It happens over and over again: I plan tonnes of useful and practical activities to do at night such as homework or even decluttering my wardrobe. And then this sneaky thought enters my mind, calming down my disensitised conscience causing me to make the same mistake again…

The thought goes like this: ‘What a difficult day it was! Darling, you deserve a break. It’s finally quiet in the house, so why don’t you sit down for a minute to check your email? Who knows, maybe you got a wonderful job offer in last fifteen minutes since you’ve checked your account? And after that, you’ll for sure go on with your responsibilities!’

I always give in. It’s just for a minute, right? But before I know it, I get comfortable on my sofa, where I am surrounded by soft floral cushions with the laptop in front of me.

‘You’ve got no new emails in your account’ the message says. Not a big deal, I think to myself, entering 3 social network accounts of mine : Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte. I don’t have Twitter – enough is enough. I control my addictions well.

My overloaded wardrobe sends me a rebuking look, but I tell myself that I need to make sure that my friends are Ok; so I read the news-feed, browse through recent photos and comment on their statuses.

Done with that. I almost get up, when someone calls me on Skype, and I love those video conversations with my dear friends who live overseas. It gets annoying when the video freezes up though, but the software is still awesome.

I answer the call to hear my husband letting me know that he bought a new kitchen sink on eBay! How exciting! By the way, have I mentioned that my soulmate is just meters away, seemingly working in his study? Could anyone please explain to me if our digitalised life is normal?

About an hour later I don’t even try to get up and simply don’t turn my head in the wardrobe’s direction to ignore the guilty feelings. Now is the time to educate myself about the world politics and news. It is important to raise my awareness regarding Indian websites doing your homework and about 3D Japanese hologram pop star Hatsune Miku.

I realise that it’s late, very late. I should probably go to bed, since my kids will be up in less than six hours.

But I can’t resist watching a few funny videos on YouTube, checking my email another 8 times (just in case) and logging on Facebook for the last time tonight.

And yes, I have not even started the article I was planning to write for two months. So how can I even think of watching TV at nights, when it’s that busy?

I look for inspiration on Facebook. Does that mean procrastinating? Maybe a bit.

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4 thoughts on “Procrastination confessed

  1. Shruthi Badri


    This was an entertaining read, and all through it I kept saying ‘wait a minute. I know someone just like this.’

    Then I figured out who that was.


    Great article!

  2. vadim

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    I think a lot of people will agree with you and live according to such
    point. Talent is a bags from G-d , and usually point of a talent ‘s person
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