Dancing in the rain

I don’t know about you, guys, but I am always late, no matter how early I leave my house. It’s just a part of my unique character, I guess) So today was not an exception. I was rushing to my car after a dentist’s appointment, soaked in rain water: I was running late again.

Having parked quite far from the dentist’s office, I was angry and wet:  my umbrella broke a few months ago and I still haven’t purchased a new one. (It will probably take another few months before I get a new one, but that’s a side point)) Back to the story: I was annoyed at the rain, and the roadwork that closed the footpath.  I was anxious to admit that I had a million of unstarted assignments to submit in the very near future… and a dinner to cook… and a massive bag of laundry to fold.

Suddenly, I saw an elderly couple, peacefully walking under the rain. They were holding hands and smiling to each other. They didn’t rush anywhere; on the contrary, the seemed to enjoy every minute of the rainy weather.

I stopped behind them, watching how they slowly disappeared from my sight.  Somehow I forgot about the rain, the noisy cars and the rest of my busy environment.

The time has stopped for them, I thought later. Or, they consciously chose to ignore the routine.

We all rush to do ‘the real stuff’ like business, work or studies day by day, at times ignoring the genuine values that life has to offer, hoping that we’ll definitely catch up later.  Sure enough, the ‘later’ never happens, because more appointments/classes/work projects come up, stopping us from enjoying the rain with our loved ones. And as time goes by, we lose the ability to feel carefree, even when we make the time for each other. For instance, when I finally take my kids to a park, I can’t dismiss the vision of unwritten assignments and projects. And the dirty dishes. And the scattered toys. This image never disappears, therefore I am guilty for ages.

In reality, though, it is impossible to create a completely organised life, no matter how hard we try. And the second after we clean our houses, something always spills on the counter. After all, we don’t live in a perfect magazine-look like world. If so, should I worry for years about the unreachable goals? I hope not…

Remember how the saying goes: ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning how to dance under the rain.’  Agree?

So from now on I’ve decided to become more easy-going for the sake of my own sanity and the happiness of my loved ones.  It’s never too late to dump the over-protectiveness and allow my kids to explore the world around them. And the next time we go to a park, I am definitely gonna go down the slide and on the swing. I don’t care that some of the people will think bad about the ‘weird’ mum of two kids going back to childhood.  They are just jealous. Yes, I don’t mind their looks: sometimes acting childish is the only way to discover your inner self.

And I’ve also decided to show my feelings openly. For some people it comes naturally, but for me it’s a real torture.  It’s scary: I love my relatives and friends with all my heart, but I almost never tell them about it. I contemplate about them throughout the day. I talk to them in my thoughts, but I almost never hug them or hold their hands… or call to say I love them.

And that elderly couple showed me that they were happy together on a rainy, foggy, grayish day… they cherished every second of it.  Is it the elderly wisdom or the life-long attitude? Not sure, but I am ready to change the old views of a twenty-four year old and adopt the ideas of the young elderly couple.

To all my dear people out there: I LOVE YOU.

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5 thoughts on “Dancing in the rain

  1. Avi Bendetsky

    Sometimes our life gets too advance and busy, but we should always remember that the beauty is in simplicity, a simple rain is more advance then any of the gadgets we have and can stir the deepest of feelings if given a chance.

  2. Vladimir Finkel

    Hi, Linok ! It was really delicious glance for our life.I felt proud of your talent and you should go ahead in this way to share your point of veiw for different things.

  3. Sofya Krivopustova

    I can’t but admire how wise you are for “a 24 year old”! It’s me all over:being always late,rushing every minute,feeling guilty since my son was 2 months and I started working,talking to my nearest and dearest only in my thoughts…But really “the cure for all ills and wrongs, the cares, the sorrows and the crimes of humanity, all lie in the one word ‘love'” . As W.Shakespeare states “Love comforteth like sunshine after rain”. So, dancing in the rain, always remember about that sunshine 🙂
    PS Thank you again and again for your delicious English!

  4. i derive pleasure from it Dancing in the rain « wandering effects of Thoughts: Polina Bendetskaya's Blog at make over im your rss reader

  5. hENRI kORN

    Sarah, you are talking the language of all of us. The more ‘modern’ the world gets the less human we seem to become, withdrawn from each other. Let’s all dance more often in the rain. Getting wet soon dries.

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